EP05 locomotive and the EU05 made entirely of sheet metal photoetched.
This resin additives shell roof, current slot.
Spoke wheels mounted.
DCC model. ZIMO decoder mounted drive. The possibility of installing the decoder driving / sound ZIMO 21 pin.
Lighting mounted a full E1
There is no illumination on the desktop or the cabin due to the fact that the cab is visible carriage drive and it would be visible light under a bogie, but the possibility of adding to the electronics, desks are.
Mounted imitations of the original couplings, in addition to swapping are couplers la Weinert, not KKS.
The model goes from the lowest speed without any problems, drive ROCO.
Ready to ride, founded handrails, wipers.

Model EP05 can be made with a number 01 or 16 side.

Model EU05 may be made with a number 05 or 22 side.

On the photos EP05-01 and EU05-22 with traces of use.