Wagon combustion SN61 GANZ MÁVAG made entirely of metal etched in 1:87 H0.
Extras Resin is the roof, seats passengers.
DCC decoder ZIMO. Current collection from the two trolleys.
Full lighting in accordance with the E1 signaling regulations, switching on and off sequentially.
Current collection from the two trolleys.
Illuminated driver’s cab in accordance with the direction of travel of the car.
Lighting passenger compartments.
No lighting driver’s desk, was not originally highlighted.

Models may be made of the following numbers:

86 – Chojnice, Gdynia, Gdansk South. Possibility of the model with each date of revision and allocation according to the original by the original book of the vehicle. The model can be made in painting green or blue (the color applied after writing down losses / retirement).

133 – Chojnice

139 – Chojnice

168 – Chabowka

Ready to ride, founded handrails, wipers.
Ability to perform mock-up model.







SN61-139 Chojnice



SN61-168 Chabowka


SN61 to mock-up modeling